Second Alumni & Student Networking Dinner

What more could one ask for from a networking dinner than a perfect mix: roughly one-third alumni, one-third students from the current programme and one-third from the new cohort. In addition, a few representatives of the programme’s administration and faculty to boot.

We met for a second time to discuss our insights among the various groups on for example, the importance of artificial intelligence, the state of the economy, and future aspirations. At centre however, to enjoy good food and drink in a pleasant environment. As well not to forget, to enhance the relationships between the heterogenous stakeholders of our Executive MBA.
I am pleased to have received positive feedback from more than one attendee about the interesting people met during the evening.

We look forward to more meetings of this nature, which permit us the occasion to connect better with students, alumni, and faculty to further enhance the value of our program and communication within our student body, faculty, and administration. Above all, to have a good time in the company of interesting people. Work and study alone do not fulfil one’s dreams.