Demanding MBA for a challenging world

The first and only AMBA and EQUIS accredited MBA program in the Czech Republic

Our MBA Programme

  1. Focuses on experienced managers and professionals.

    Candidates should possess a minimum of 6 years’ professional experience with a minimum of 2 years team leadership.  

  2. Integrates theory with practice.

    Courses are conducted by experienced and qualified lecturers from the Faculty and selected experts from industry contribute on various topics. The use of case studies from internationally acclaimed universities is commonplace.

  3. Offers a large variety of courses from basic to advanced.

    From various fields, to name a few: Management, Marketing, Strategy, Economics, Leadership, Finance, IT.

  4. Assists to comprehend and grasp contemporary topics of interest.

    For example : Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Global Transformation, ESG.

  5. Enriches practical experience and resolves complex problems.

    Corporate workshops, held each semester, provide the opportunity to solve strategic problems, and recommend solutions to existing enterprises.

  6. Expands communication skills and the ability to work with diverse teams.

    Enhanced skillsets are strengthened through a series of seminars.

  7. Enables 3rd semester specialisation and regular individual tutoring throughout the whole study.

  8. Is conducted entirely in English.

    Czech and Slovak students may opt for selected courses in Czech, such as: Law and Accounting.

  9. Makes an international environment.

    With colleagues from throughout the world bringing their unique experiences in different industries and corporate disciplines.

The MBA Programme is designed as 2-year program. The cycle always starts in September.

Applications will close on June 10, 2023 (with potential second round in July 2023).


We will share further information with you in April 2023. If you are interested, sign here and we will contact you after updating the website.

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