Program Structure

From September 2023, a newly updated MBA programme adapted to current trends is introduced.

Application call for the upcoming academic year 2024/25 will be open in spring 2024.
Deadline for first round of applications is 12 June 2024, for second round 6 September 2024.

We offer a comprehensive programme that enables you to acquire the knowledge and skills needed for successful business leadership in 2 years. During your studies, you connect the knowledge you gain with the challenges faced in your organisation, both individually and in teams. The study is completed after successful defence of your Master Thesis / Business Project.

Further characteristics


Look forward to:

Look forward to:

  • Attending top courses by our lecturers
  • Review of carefully selected papers and reports
  • Teamwork with case studies from the world’s top business schools
  • Solving actual business problems in corporate workshops
  • Discussing with other experienced managers.

Through all this, and with the assistance of individual and group reflection and skills seminars, you develop your managerial potential, broaden your horizons, and become an agent of change for your company and profession.

The simplified structure can be seen in the graphic. Click to enlarge the image.
You can download the detailed structure in .pdf below.

  • Designed as a 2-year program. The additional 6 months are for writing the Master Thesis / Business Project.
  • Classes are conducted in English, you may opt for Financial Accounting and Law in Czech.
  • Courses are designed as intensive sessions (usually once every 2 weeks on Friday and Saturday 9:00 – 17:00) with preparatory online meetings and other study activities online, in Prague, the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • The course schedule is fixed for the entire semester in advance.
  • The students are evaluated on an ongoing basis.
  • The MBA study is completed upon successful Master Thesis / Business Project defence.

The courses aim to build a theoretical background and its application to solve case studies. For easier orientation they are grouped into modules.

Each course begins with a 60–90-minute online session wherein the lecturer introduces the course content and the main issues addressed. They also assign reading and visual materials to read and watch before the intensive session.

The online meeting is held 1,5 weeks before the intensive session. Prior to the intensive session, students are tested to gauge their understanding of the materials, which carries a 20% weight on the overall grade.

The meeting is then followed by a 2-day intensive session. The lecturer presents the theoretical knowledge and the results of the practical studies and shares their insights from practice. During which, they moderate the exchange between students. During the second day, students work together to solve a case study.  This work carries an 80% weight in the overall course assessment.

The modules end with an individual exam in the form of an essay on the assigned topics and on the application in practice.

In addition, there are a number of other activities in Prague or the Czech Republic, such as individual and group reflections, visits to companies, studying in the VŠE library or meetings with other students of the programme.

Teaching is conducted in English. For the Financial Accounting and Law we offer the option to choose and complete the course in English or Czech.

Skills seminars develop key competencies and skills that enable you to better apply the knowledge acquired in your daily managerial work. Each seminar takes the form of several online sessions and one physical session on campus.

During the course of the study, 4 seminars are continuously included, 1 in each semester.

During the corporate workshops, student groups solve real problems. The workshops permit students to compare their own experiences and suggestions with managers of successful companies, learn about different industries, and develop the knowledge and skills acquired.

Emphasis is placed on the diversity of topics, the realism of the problem, and the openness of the company to share the information needed to understand the context for the proposed solutions. Students are assessed for their outcomes as a team.

There is 1 corporate workshop held each semester. Workshops are held at FPH or at the company’s location in the Czech Republic.

The purpose of the reflections is to enable all students to better understand the knowledge they have gained and to relate to the challenges they face in their organisations.

Students are invited to identify and agree – to the best of their ability – the issues they wish to focus with their work supervisors, colleagues and teams.

During individual reflections, students discuss their challenges and insights with faculty experts. During group reflections, students share their experiences and solutions with 4-5 other students from pre-determined groups.  Reflections can take place online, but face-to-face meetings with the teacher or other students are preferred.

The aim of the Consulting Project is to support students’ ability to solve a complex business problem in a team under the guidance of an academic tutor. Compared to Corporate Workshops, this is a solution to a more complex problem with a time commitment of over 100 hours. It thus represents an intermediate step between courses, corporate workshops, and the Master Thesis / Business Project. Topics are selected in collaboration with faculty partners or student companies. The project is typically carried out face-to-face with a company in the Czech Republic.

The final thesis focuses on the individual application of the knowledge gained during the study to a problem that the participants solve in the company or business.

The student can choose whether to select a more theoretically oriented topic (Master Thesis) or focus primarily on solving a practical problem (Business Project). The topic is identified and refined with the academic supervisor.  The study is concluded with a successful defence. A Business Project is typically implemented face-to-face with a company in the Czech Republic.