Basic Information

We are proud to introduce our MBA programme adapted to current trends.

Study organisation

  • Study duration is 2 years with an additional 6 months for the Master Thesis / Business Project.
  • Lectures and seminars are conducted in English; students can opt for Financial Accounting and Law courses in Czech.
  • The programme comprises of modules. Each module consists of sub-courses.
  • Course study is held in the form of preparatory online meetings (60-90 min) and intensive sessions at the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE) campus at Žižkov.
    (Held usually once every 2 weeks on Friday 9:00 – 17:00 and Saturday 9:00 – 17:00.)
  • The course schedule is fixed for the entire semester in advance.
  • The students are evaluated on an ongoing basis.
  • The study is completed upon successful Master Thesis / Business Project defence.

On-site presence

We require on-campus attendance in respect to the nature of the interactive programme.

On-campus benefits to the student population:

  1. Access to the IT department and desktop computers.
  2. Access to the VŠE Wi-Fi.
  3. Access to the VŠE library.
  4. Access to the Executive Corporate Workshops that may occur off-campus but within the Czech Republic.
  5. Access to business and professional visits and fora with VŠE corporate partners and sponsors.
  6. Access to EU partner institutions of higher learning for advanced or complementary study.
  7. Access to a modern teaching facility with several international accreditations.
  8. On-site attendance to mandatory seminars and social/cultural events conducted or sponsored by the programme.
  9. Direct contact with the instructors and the EMBA administration centre.
  10. One-on-one consultations with Subject Matter Experts.
  11. Location within the same time zone.

In recent years when queried, past and current students stipulated that the networking opportunities with an on-campus team, increased the learning experience.

Exceptions may be taken under the following circumstances:

  1. Student is out of Prague for business or professional reasons.
  2. Illness.
  3. When directed by the Czech Government or Ministries due to health and safety concerns.