MBA Alumni & Student Networking Dinner

It is sometimes said that the main value of an MBA is not so much the lectures given by professors, but the sharing of ideas with other students and networking.

Although we agree with the comment that the MBA programme is an excellent venue to share discourse with other colleagues and to network; we must admit that our teaching staff comprises seasoned professionals in their respective fields. They add the ‘lessons learnt’ dimension to the MBA experience.

At the end of April, we hosted a 3-course dinner with facilitated rotation at Café Louvre. The dinner was expressly organised to continue the above, wherein the FBA Dean, Professor Hnilica attended with alumni, students and lecturers.  Conversations were lively throughout the evening and included topics from the economic crisis, MBA studies, and life in general. According to the participants, we managed to prepare a pleasant and meaningful meeting.

This is also our MBA.