Welcoming our new Executive MBA students

It is an on-going pleasure to welcome our new group of students to our newly revamped and innovative Executive MBA programme. Their journey is not a simple one: 2,5 years of intense study, lectures, corporate workshops, skills seminars, individual and group reflections, consulting project, international experience, and lastly, a master thesis or business project. We have great faith that all will succeed as the energy with the group is exceptional. This cohort comprises years of practice and experience, different views, backgrounds, and national origins.

  • Countries represented: Austria, Czech Republic, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.
  • A selection of professional background and industries include research institution, public agency, manufacturing, petrol downstream, pharma, e-commerce, travel, education, IT, advanced technologies, FMCG, chemicals, and finance and investment.
  • Sample of the positions held, and professional domains encompass CEO/owner, CFO, sales, marketing, R&D, CTO, legal & procurement.

We wish them the best of luck and inspirational moments throughout this educational journey to assist them to become real agents of positive change in their organisations and beyond.