Workshop Follow-Up: Tour of the BENEŠ a LÁT Foundry

Following an earlier workshop and the cordial invitation of the CFO to visit, our MBA students travelled to the BENEŠ a LÁT foundry installation located in Poříčany. Given the topics of the workshop: how to resolve the pressing issues relative to the current energy crisis in an energy-intensive industry; the investigation of innovative technologies for an efficacious engineering development over the next 5 to ten years, and the need to acquire qualified personnel going forward.

Throughout the tour, our group was accompanied by Mr. Jan Lát, foundry co-owner, who provided detailled insights and  explanations of the working foundry and subsequent operations, and the 3D printing workshop.

Finally, this excursion offered the attendees to view various technologies in real-time as well as to experience the atmosphere of a very ‘live’ enterprise.