Successful theses defense

It is our pleasure to congratulate two of our students, Tomáš Horák and Carlos Mizrahi, on the successful defense of their theses.


Mr. Horák’s thesis entitled “A Roadmap for Future Development of stow ČR“, addresses a topic which many successful companies face: How to deal with the fact that internal structures, processes, and culture lag behind the rapid growth of sales and the number of customers. There are some negative examples of companies whose management fail to balance external success with internal structure. Mr. Horák’s approach is based on a thorough literature review and a detailed analysis of the current situation as perceived by Stow’s employees. The roadmap he proposes addresses multiple aspects such as, a new organizational structure, improved HR processes that include performance management as well as some marketing measures. We very much look forward to welcome Mr. Horák in a year to hear about the outcomes of his proposed implementations.

The second thesis, written by Mr. Mizrahi is entitled: Don’t Judge the Candidates by their CVs. While we often hear of the progress in recruitment processes, for instance the use of AI, there exists an interesting grey area wherein not all organizations are aware: quality candidates who failed the recruitment process. This is not an academic discussion – imagine what kind of positive impact on your company you could enjoy if your recent hires were 10-20 % better than those you hired. What is even more tragic, organizations are typically unaware of the quality candidates who are overlooked by current recruitment procedures. Through interviews with several candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers, Mr. Mizrahi concludes that some albeit not all measures that address different biases involved in this problem include gamified tests, CV anonymization, Artificial Intelligence and the Machine Learning-enabled screening process.


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