MBA students scored in The European Ethics Bowl

The Faculty of Business Administration hosted for the second time the national round of The European Ethics Bowl (EEB), this year with the overal theme „Standardization of the (business) world“. The participants in eight teams were from all levels of study – Bachelor, Master, Doctoral as well as the MBA.

The European Ethics Bowl is both a collaborative and competitive event where teams of students, alumni and recent EIB Summer School alumni analyse and discuss ethical dilemmas related to work, organisations and business. Ethical issues are presented in the form of specific case studies. Students work together in teams of three to solve the case and compete, first at the institutional level and then across institutions. Teams will be judged by a panel of judges (appointed by the organisers) on their core statements, their responses to the core questions, and their authentic and analytical resolution of the ethical issues.

Teams are evaluated on:

The understanding of the key ethic challenge posed by the case study.

The solution to the ethical problem, which will also be evaluated in terms of the degree of inclusivity, integrity, and respect for diversity embedded in the proposed way forward.

1st place – VŠE Knights (MBA FBA)

  • Mahmoud Omara (MBA FBA)
  • Pavel Štěpánek (MBA FBA)
  • Jai Venkaya (MBA FBA)

2nd place – Pavlík´s Army

  • David Vašíček (FPH)
  • Jiří Korčák (FIS)

3rd place – team 5 (MBA FBA)

  • Ladislav Pašek (MBA FBA)
  • Mladen Simeonov (MBA FBA)


Fingers crossed for the semi-finals held at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.