Why study MBA at FBA

International executive MBA program

  • modern facilities of the Faculty of Business Administration that ranks among the Top 1% of Business Schools worldwide
  • elite lecturers and managers, prestigious academic environment with close interconnection with business and management practice
  • unique interdisciplinar platform for dealing with real management situations
  • attractive corporate partnership (Google, Škoda, PwC, EY, T-Mobile and others)
  • work in small groups enabling individual approach in direct contact with a mentor
  • choice between program fully in English or Czech/English
  • international accreditation FIBAA, Czech accreditation CAMBAS
  • flexible modular structure of the study program
  • interdisciplinar and international networking
  • possibility of study stay at partner universities – Imperial College (Great Britain),
  • ZHAW School of Management and Law (Switzerland), Universität Liechtenstein (Liechtenstein)

The MBA curriculum of study elevates management education to a new level and further builds on European accreditation determined by the Foundation for International Business Accreditation Administration (FIBAA).

The MBA programme of the Faculty of Business Administration received the prestigious AMBA accreditation in 2021. International accreditation AMBA is considered the world’s most important accreditation in the field of MBA studies. So far, worldwide only 286 of the best business schools has received it, such as the University of St. Gallen or HEC Paris. The faculty has been conferred with AMBA accreditation as the only such institute in the Czech Republic.

The MBA program enhances the participants profile through the acquired field-related knowledge, comprehension of contemporary trends and the demands of managerial practice.
Using specialized modules, the program offers professionals from various sector and disciplines that currently hold or aspire to leadership positions, an innovative portfolio of course offerings. These in turn complement and extend traditional programs of higher learning and afford the participant the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge. This career readiness empowers the executive to effectively confront today`s demanding challenges in both the corporate environment and society in general. Instruction is conducted in multiple blocks based on the modular structure of the ten major fields and associates topics.
The program has been evaluated by the Czech Association of MBA Schools (CAMBAS), that embodies the leading MBA schools in the Czech Republic.


The MBA is a generalist, postgraduate qualification at the Master’s level. It must correspond to appropriate intellectual and academic standards for Master degrees and integrate personal development.

The MBA is also a post-experience qualification, and the harnessing of prior work experience within a learning group is a unique feature of the MBA program that should be explicitly built upon. It is normally positioned as a career accelerator for experienced management or a means to make a career shift for specialists or practicing managers, and in most cases is designed to be suitable for those without a prior degree in a management subject, in addition to those with a management degree.

Therefore, the focus of the MBA is on the integration of management concepts with a practical focus to enable graduates to practice successful strategic leadership in complex situations.

Knowledge & Understanding

There is an expectation that general master degree level programs should provide a broad, analytical and integrated study of business and management. The graduates will be able to demonstrate relevant knowledge of, and critical engagement with, the key issues in strategy and leadership alongside more broadly the types and networks of organizations and the external environment in which they operate and how they are managed. This broad awareness implies the ability to manage diversity.

The program is designed explicitly to position theory into practice, building on the practical experience of the participants in addition to the academic and practitioner expertise of the faculty.

International Perspective

Given the interconnectedness of today’s global economy and its importance for strategy and leadership which are cornerstones of the MBA, it is essential that MBA degrees offer and encourage an international learning experience. This can be delivered in many ways, for example through: the curriculum, student exchanges, cross cultural environments, international work placements, learning a foreign language and study visits. The critical element is that students are challenged to think beyond national borders


It is essential that the objectives and learning outcomes for the program are comprehensive, clearly articulated and measurable.
Participants in an MBA program is rigorously assessed through a balanced regime of examinations and graded assignments in order to ensure that learning objectives are being met up to Master’s degree standards. The assessments includes an appropriate mix of formative and summative assessment methods.

The MBA program of the FBA again ranked third among the best business schools in Eastern Europe in 2015-2016 ranking, FBA is repeatedly recognized by EDUNIVERSAL, in 2014-2015 the MBA program of the FBA was ranked third also.

The key factors in receiving this award include:logo-bestmasters-2015-2016
  •    European accreditation
  •    International faculty
  •    Scientific scholarship and specialized practical experience
  •    Integration of interdisciplinary educational approaches
  •    Effective teaching methods
  •    Access to international databases and libraries
  •    Co-operation with foreign universities and corporations
  •    Established network of students, faculty and alumni
  •    Reputation of the program and faculty
  •    Students satisfaction

The executive International MBA program is a postgraduate program designed especially for managers seeking to expand their skills. The MBA program provides education to meet the needs for managerial education within the framework of the current trends and the latest research results. If you are interested in further enhancing professional qualifications, want to learn new methods and techniques, you want to get ahead of the competition and the assurance of career, choose this program and get the MBA degree.