FBA MBA Alumni Club is an association of graduates of the MBA program of the  Faculty of Business Administration at the Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE). The association seeks to establish mutual communication platform between current students and graduates of the MBA program.

The association supports the development of professional contacts, both in terms of helping to find a new job, also at the concluding cooperation projects with a school or between members, allowing its members to develop.

FBA places extra emphasis on mutual exchange of experience and knowledge of business practices and with this should help just this Alumni Club, to offer to the future graduates wide range of communications and meetings with members. Alumni  members maintain connection to their Alma Mater and fellow graduates. Members can meet with friends from years of studies, with former professors, and they can pass on work and academic experiences to current students.

It doesn’t matter if you graduated years ago or right now, you can be member of FBA MBA Alumni Club forever.