Strategic Management

This block has the participants to provide basic insight into the field of strategic management. Part of it is the emphasis on the way of thinking and the actual strategic management work with the information about the company or organization. The module is divided into Strategy, Project and Change Management within the important innovation philosophy.

This module accounts for 6 ECTS.

Strategic and Risk Management

  • Strategy and strategic management
  • Changes in the world impacting upon businesses
  • Worldwide competitiveness as ultimate goal
  • Principles of strategic thinking
  • Strategic foresights
  • Demand as vital necessity
  • People are the key
  • Innovations
  • Strategy – from formation to successful implementation

Project Management

  • Project planning, knowledge of the methods and rules
  • Management of projects
  • Risk management
  • Forecasting/assessment of time frame and content of filling the project
  • Project Implementation: monitoring, re-planning
  • Practical examples of planning, management and use of appropriate tools in project management
  • The role of the „soft skills“ and reporting
  • Recognition of the importance of good team co-operation in projects
  • Evaluation and conclusion of the project

Change Management

  • Innovations philosophy
  • Laws of evolution
  • Comprehensive Business model analysis and development
  • Innovative solutions through the contradiction model
  • WOIS system model
  • Innovation roadmaps and front leveling.

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