The Module will provide the graduates on the one hand the management tools and possibilities of marketing and on the other hand the principles of the consumer behavior. This enables students to under-stand and to apply the marketing management theory and practical tools.

This module accounts for 6 ECTS.

Marketing Management

  • Concept of the marketing management.
  • The role of marketing in business management
  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Research of the market
  • Segmentation of the market
  • Positioning, positioning types, strategies in brand management, trends in brand policy
  • Product policy, product mix, phases in the product life cycle
  • Pricing policy. Factors influencing the selection of pricing strategies
  • Distribution policy. Trends in international distribution.
  • Factors influencing the selection of distribution policy.
  • Influence of internet on distribution policy
  • Communication policy and strategies, sales promotion, PR
  • Usage of internet in communication policy

Consumer behavior

  • Models of consumer behavior
  • Cultural factors
  • Social environment
  • Psychological factors of consumer behavior
  • Process of purchase decision making
  • Process of new products accepting
  • Importance of diversity in consumer behavior

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