Information Management

The frame of the module represents the information management methods and tools. The core of the module is in the presentation of the principles of effective usage, development and innovation of IS/ICT in firms. The emphasis is put on the suitable relation-ship between IS/ICT and business processes, metrics and measurements methods and models of IS/ICT management. Finally the methods of applied statistics support the better usage of information for decision making process of managers.

The course will offer students’ knowledge and under-standing of main information systems application used implemented in current enterprises.

This module accounts for 4 ECTS.

Information Systems

  • E-business
  • Enterprise content management and Competitive Intelligence
  • The deeper emphasis will be put on: Effectiveness of information systems
  • Enterprise information systems innovation
  • Important trend on the IS/ICT markets
  • TOC (Theory of Constraints) method and its application in enterprise information systems, their implementation, usage and innovation.

IT Management

  • Important trend on the IS/ICT markets.
  • Information society
  • Management in information society,
  • Introduction to IS/ICT audit and IS/ICT security
  • Information management
  • Decision support and Business Intelligence.