Framework of Economics

The module follows economic principles that are in the background of the most manager problems of private companies as well as of public institutions. The module will deal with finding an optimal way of organizing individual information into a comprehensive system, so that the acquired information can provide efficient help to their decision making process. The subjects of the module should also help managers to better understand the market environment their firm or institution.

The second part is devoted to the understanding of world economy context.

Third part of module is based on the statistical application in economy and management.

This module accounts for 6 ECTS.


  • Microeconomics
    • The working of competitive markets
    • Demand and the consumer
    • Theories of the firm
    • Market structure
    • The relationship between government and business
  • Macroeconomics
    • The macroeconomic environment of business
    • The balance of payments and exchange rates
    • Money and interest rates
    • Monetary policy
    • Fiscal policy

World Economy Trends

  • External environment for business activities
  • Processes of formation, development and differentiation
  • Internationalization, liberalization and integration.
  • Three key trends: – globalization, multilateralism, regionalism
  • Change in the position of national state and transnational corporations.
  • Changes in the mobility of goods, services and factors of production
  • New role of international organizations and regimes
  • „New“ regionalism as a „global“ phenomenon.
  • Changes in the position and role of three dominant centers (USA, EU, Japan)
  • Differentiation in peripheral areas of world economy (China and India).

Applied Statistics

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Inferences statistics
  • Relations between economic variables
  • Analysis and prognosis of economic time series
  • Indices and differences, price statistics

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