Financial Management

The course gives the explanation of essentials of finance in the company – operation of financial and money market in relation to business sphere.

Basic goal of managerial finance is to provide to participants current tools and methods for company value management – managing and securing investments, managing value of company assets.

Course presents the introduction to the principles and the practical procedures for the financing of corporations, conveying basic knowledge of the structure and types of financing firms with a special highlighting the possibilities of international financing.

This module accounts for 6 ECTS.

Managerial Finance

  • The essence of managerial finance, risk, return and liquidity
  • Analysis of financial statements, financial planning
  • Long-term investment decisions, capital budgeting
  • Strategic long-term financial decision-making
  • Short-term financing (Working Capital Management)
  • The value of the company, its measurement and management
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Financial Modelling in Business Practice

  • Financial instruments in the management of the company’s prosperity
  • Financial derivatives
  • Futures, swaps-parameters, use the option-value
  • Options parameters, options strategies, determining the value of an option
  • Binomial model, Black-Scholes model, trinomic model
  • Determination of the volatility of an option,
  • Real explicitly for the valuation of corporate flexibility
  • Basic types of real options model, the parameters of values, value management
  • Forecasts volatility in real specifics values of assets

Finance & International Financing

  • Finance Corporation, definitions, objectives of financial management, basic financial decisions
  • Risk concept, species, level of risk, management risk
  • Financing of a corporation in relation to the development of the financial markets
  • Financing company and tax optimization of taxes
  • The financial resources for undertaking short-term, long-term, external-internal
  • The international financial markets, definitions, advantages/disadvantages, utilization options
  • Currency risk of foreign financing
  • Corporate financing opportunities and conditions in international financial markets

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