Corporate Governance, Legal Environment and Business Ethics

The module teach on the on hand the definition, goals, and examples of corporate governance and its strategies in the Czech and EU context today. On the other hand it provides with the necessary legal framework such as legal risk management, liability strategies, basics in intellectual properties and basics in mergers and acquisitions.

The philosophical and practical frame of legal behavior is to understand on the ethical background of thinking and managerial responsibility. Students will understand the historical premises and modern challenges of ethical behavior in management dilemmas.

This module accounts for 6 ECTS.

Legal Framework

  • Legal risk management
  • Liability strategies (ecological liability, liability of the directors, basics in corporate law etc.), Supply and procurement contracts
  • Distribution concepts (franchising, commercial agents, purchase contracts),
  • Basics in intellectual properties
  • Basics in mergers and acquisitions (asset deal vs. share deal, tax aspects etc.)

Corporate Governance

  • History, Definition and Aim of Corporate Governance,
  • International and national systems (esp. US and Germany),
  • Aspen Principles, analysis and comparison;
  • The Enron Case and other big bankruptcies and their effect on the CG discussion.

Business Ethics

  • Practical challenge after crisis
  • History, Definition and Aim of   Ethics
  • Ethics and Economics
  • Value Management and managerial responsibility
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Ethical factors in management
  • International and national systems
  • Context of ethical thinking in the East Europe
  • Philosophical principles, analysis of thinking and behavior, international comparison; Case studies

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