Business and Entrepreneurship

The aim of the courses is to provide participants basic overview of entrepreneurship and motivation to entrepreneurship. Further to develop skills required when starting a business activity and to show the specifics of management in particular levels in firms. The aim is to provide students with knowledge and skills needed for preparation, evaluation and analysis of the investment and project risk. The course will to give a complete overview of the whole process when evaluating a business, approaches for business evaluation and systems of different evaluating methods.

This module accounts for 6 ECTS


  • Nature of business:
  • The personality of the entrepreneur
  • Exploration and exploitation of the business opportunities
  • The founding of the company
  • The growth of the company

Business Evaluation

  • The basic criteria for evaluation
  • Economic efficiency of projects:
  • Time of recovery
  • Profitability index

Investment Decision Making

  • Investments
  • Feasibility study a creating of financial plan
  • Risk analysis of projects
  • Sensitivity analysis, scenarios, Monte Carlo method
  • Company evaluation and evaluation methods
  • Crisis prevention, crisis management, termination of the company

Literature and other sources

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