Taxation and Auditing

Explore the world of taxation and auditing

This course helps participants to:

  • To interpret financial position and performance of an entity based on its financial statements. Also, they should understand the process of financial statements preparation.
  • Besides, they should be able to evaluate tax impacts of various transactions.
  • To use financial information for managing purposes (controlling, decision making etc.) and should be able to design accounting model which would provide appropriate information input.
  • Last but not least, they should understand how financial information are reviewed and audited to be able to judge a reliability of financial information.

This course covers following issues:

  • Tax system in the Czech Republic
  • Personal Income and Corporate Income Tax
  • Value Added Tax and Other Taxes on Consumption
  • Property Taxes (Other Taxes and Fees)
  • Introduction to Audit
  • Planning of Audit
  • Auditor’s Risk
  • Internal Control System
  • Control Procedures
  • Legislation and Standards
  • Auditor’s report

LECTURERS: doc. Ing. Vladimír Králíček, CSc., Ing. Jan Molín, Ph.D.

PARTICIPANT PROFILE: Managers seeking to expand their theoretical background and professional skills

REGISTRATION: 224 098 466,

FEE: 8 500,-  CZK / person (incl. VAT)

CERTIFICATE: Certificate of attendance issued by the Prague University of Economics and Business

GET YOUR BONUS: Complete this course, enrol in the International executive MBA program and get the total price of this course deducted from the MBA tuition fee.