Financial Modelling in Business Practice

Expand your knowledge of financial modelling in business practice

This course covers following issues:

  • Financial Instruments in the Management of the Company’s Prosperity
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Futures, Swaps-parameters, use the Option-value
  • Options Parameters, Options Strategies, Determining the Value of an Option
  • Binomial Model, Black-Scholes Model, Trinomial Model
  • Determination of the Volatility of an Option,
  • Real Explicitly for the Valuation of Corporate Flexibility
  • Basic Types of Real Options Model, the Parameters of Values, Value Management
  • Forecasts Volatility in Real Specifics Values of Assets

This course:

  • Gives the explanation of essentials of finance in the company – operation of financial and money market in relation to business sphere.
  • Course presents the introduction to the principles and the practical procedures for the financing of corporations, conveying basic knowledge of the structure and types of financing firms with a special highlighting the possibilities of international financing.

LECTURER: Heřman Kopkáně

PARTICIPANT PROFILE: Managers seeking to expand their theoretical background and professional skills

REGISTRATION: 224 098 466,

FEE: 4 250,-  CZK / person (incl. VAT)

CERTIFICATE: Certificate of attendance issued by the Prague University of Economics and Business

GET YOUR BONUS: Complete this course, enrol in the International executive MBA program and get the total price of this course deducted from the MBA tuition fee.