Financial Accounting

Explore the world of financial accounting

This course helps participants to answer the following questions:

  • What is the principal goal of financial reporting?
  • Who are the main users of financial statements and what kind of information is provided with financial statements?
  • What are the stages in accounting cycle to prepare financial statements?

This course:

  • introduces fundamental accounting principles
  • focuses on understanding the content of financial statements
  • emphasises the importance and impact of accounting harmonisation within globalised economy
  • requires knowledge of elementary business terminology as well as good understanding of the logic of business processes

The participants will learn:

  • about the content of financial statements for external users;
  • the nature of fundamental elements of financial statements;
  • to record the basic economic transactions on the face of financial statements;
  • to master the accounting cycle, including double-entry;
  • to prepare an elementary set of financial statements.

LECTURERS: doc. Ing. Marcela Zárybnická-Žárová, CSc., Ing. Libor Vašek Ph.D., doc. Ing. David Procházka, Ph.D., Jana Roe, Ph.D., CPA

PARTICIPANT PROFILE: Managers seeking to expand their theoretical background and professional skills

REGISTRATION: 224 098 466,

FEE: 8 500,-  CZK / person (incl. VAT)

CERTIFICATE: Certificate of attendance issued by the Prague University of Economics and Business

GET YOUR BONUS: Complete this course, enrol in the International executive MBA program and get the total price of this course deducted from the MBA tuition fee.