Business Ethics

Get prepared for responsible management and sustainable business

This course helps participants to understand the complexity of managerial responsibility and long term consequences of ethical behaviour in companies.

The participants will discover the ethical challenge for the entrepreneurial and managerial environment in following perspective:

  • Current ethical challenges of capitalist society
  • Reasons for unethical behaviour in domestic and international companies and long-term consequences of chosen scandals.
  • Philosophical framework of ethical thinking influencing management
  • Structure of managerial personality
  • Position of business ethics in the frame of western scientific thinking
  • Identification of ethical dilemmas and their management
  • Ethical decision making process
  • How to build mutual trust and long-term business partnership
  • Ethical categories and schools for managerial practice
  • Evaluation of vision, mission and strategy from the ethical perspective
  • Implementation of ethical principles in everyday business

This course covers following issues:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the issues involved in cross-cultural management
  • Current challenge for business schools and MBA programmes
  • Development of ethical thinking in the history of economics
  • Role of managerial personality
  • Categorical imperative for managers and the role of conscience
  • Position of ethics in science
  • Tools and methods of business ethics
  • Utilitaristic ethic and its limits
  • Deontological ethic and its limits
  • Long-term consequences of corruption
  • Potential of virtue ethics
  • Management of ethical dilemmas in the frame of corporate culture
  • Ethical tools (ethical codes and their applicability)
  • Special ethical positions in HR, conflicts of interest, harassment, sales and marketing (crises of advertisement), accounting, financial markets (capital markets, banks and insurance companies), auditing
  • Managerial care according to the Business law
  • Meaning of compliance program in company.

LECTURER: PhDr. David Anthony Procházka, Ph.D., MSc, MBA

PARTICIPANT PROFILE: Managers seeking to expand their theoretical background and professional skills

REGISTRATION: 224 098 466,

FEE: 8 500,-  CZK / person (incl. VAT)

CERTIFICATE: Certificate of attendance issued by the Prague University of Economics and Business

GET YOUR BONUS: Complete this course, enrol in the International executive MBA program and get the total price of this course deducted from the MBA tuition fee.