MBA Thesis

The MBA thesis represents the quantification and qualification of the program participant’s capabilities to undertake independent research and present results in a clear and systematic format. The research project is based on the practical attributes of the business project.

The MBA´s Thesis will address an appropriately phrased research question of interest to the student. Based on this question, the student may:

  • develop a strategy for solving a specific problem,
  • analyze a real-life environment,
  • investigate theoretical or experimental issues,
  • test a specified hypothesis and develop a conclusion for the real-life problem.

Contents of the MBA Thesis:

  • Finding a topic
  • Finding an adviser/supervisor
  • Organizing support
  • Time management
  • Obtaining and structuring information
  • Constructing a framework
  • Outlining preliminary considerations/Drafting a synopsis
  • Tackling formal requirements