Marketing Management

Course content:

Understanding Marketing Management:

  • The Concept of Marketing Management
  • The Role of Marketing in Business Management
  • Strategic Marketing Planning

Capturing Marketing Insight:

  • Market Research
  • Forecasting

Connecting with Customers:

  • Analysing and Understanding Markets
  • Identifying the Market Segments and Targets

Building Strong Brands:

  • Creating Brand Equity
  • Crafting the Brand Positioning
  • Brand Management

Shaping the Market Offerings:

  • Product Policy and Product Life Cycle
  • Pricing Policy and Programs (Factors Influencing Pricing Decisions)

Delivering Value:

  • Distribution Policy – Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels
  • Management of Retailing, Wholesaling and Logistics

Communicating Value:

  • Communication policy – Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications (Offline and Online)
  • Managing Mass Communications – Advertising, Sales Promotion, Events and Experiences
  • Managing personal communications – Direct and Interactive Marketing, Word of Mouth and Personal Selling