Information Management

Main goal of the course is to help change the perception of the Information systems as an unbiased and neutral sources of information and help to understand complexity and variability of modern world – information society. The area is quite broad and interdisciplinary – reaching out of pure informatics into spheres such as economics, sociology, philosophy and law.

We shall focus on the universal aspects and influences (such as digitalization, privacy protection,   ownership/power concentration, economical/political/social pressures). Its better understanding helps to orientate better in contemporary information society.

The frame of the module represents the information management methods and tools. The core of the module is in the presentation of the principles of effective usage, development and innovation of IS/ICT in companies. The emphasis is put on the suitable relationship between IS/ICT and business processes and ICT role entrepreneurial projects.

The course will offer students’ knowledge and understanding of information systems application used implemented in current companies.

The module consists of the following courses: