Human Resources Management

The module deepens knowledge in the management of individuals, groups, and teams. The managerial personality, social and intercultural competences, and management typologies contribute to organisational success.
The aim of the module is to increase the social competence of managers in the field of human resources management and leadership. Tutorials, examples and mutual talks will be transformed to the special position of managers in the education. The content is divided into four parts:

Overall, the module focuses on the psychological aspects of the individual (worker), as well as the personality and activity of manager. Working groups and teams, the management style will be accomplished then with the first part of module with the topic of the work of manager and the role of individuals and groups.

The second part is devoted to the new approaches in management and specially art of leadership. One part of the course will be given to the new approaches-such as diversity management, issues of power in the organization, the exercise of power and the organizational change.  The most modern approaches to the management of the organization will be ensured through the teaching of the selected managerial skills.

The third part of the course focuses on the sociological concept of the organization, in particular the organizational culture, which is an important tool how to influence the workers, as well as a tool to promote the business strategy of the company.

The last part is dedicated to the multicultural reality of our societies, where the managers have to understand and manage the differ cultures.