Finance & International Financing

Course content:

  • Foreign Exchange Markets, Bond and Money Markets (Main Instruments, Changes in Structure, Conditions for Financing)
  • International Financial Management (Concept of Risk, Transaction, Economic and Translation Exposure, Internal and External Risk Management Techniques)
  • Currency Risk in Multi-currency Liquidity Management (Forwards, Options and FX Swaps, Netting Vehicles, Optimization)
  • Financing in International Markets (Euro Bond and Money Markets, Instruments, Currency and Interest Rate Risk, Currency Swaps)
  • External Shocks to Financing Conditions (Currency Regime Policy, Risk Spreads, Unconventional Monetary Policy Measures)


Recommended literature:

DAVID K. EITEMAN, ARTHUR I. STONEHILL, MICHAEL H. MOFETT: Multinational business finance 12th ed., Boston: Pearson Education, 2010, ISBN 978-0-13-612156-5