Course content:

Business Concept Architecture:

  • Exploration of existing conceptual differentiators in FMCG
  • Transfer of brand concept principles to entrepreneurial concept development
  • Definition & development of integrated concept architecture as base for conceptual entrepreneurship

Extended business plan

  • Recognizing and managing filtering techniques as road blocks for business development
  • Contextual frame conditions as business drivers
  • Systemic marketing evolution from systemic theory
  • Understanding of interactions in decision making between conscious and sub-conscious decisions
  • Integrating of business concepts into entrepreneur’s business plan

Case study: “From start-up to f..k-up”

Connecting concept architecture, business plan, and leadership principles

  • Sorting the clutter in omnipresent leadership development
  • Value driven leadership, value driven organizations
  • Push vs. pull strategies in an autopoetic environment
  • Leadership principles within a growth-driven organization