Ing. Adam Brož, Ph.D., MBA – Budweiser Budvar, National Corporation

The MBA programme studies at the Faculty of Business Administration, the Prague University of Economics and Business, allowed me to systematically sort newly acquired knowledge, information and experience to be correctly applicable in daily practice, based on my work and management of life. Important for a manager, high quality professional background of the school ensured adequate theoretical basis in all areas. I have experienced all the processes targeted to understand their context that is absolutely necessary in the management of any branch for its correct operation. The exchange of experience with external speakers and classmates across different disciplines and skills have broaden my overview of the management and operation of the various companies. It was initiated by the constant thinking. It led to the benchmarking and the improvement in their own practice. Great people created excellent environment within the reasonable large study group. We have found not only many new contacts, but new friendships too.

Ing. Rostislav Čada, Ph.D. – Kreston A&CE Consulting, s.r.o

I am student of the International MBA program in 2013-2015. Already 10 years I am working in the company which is a member of Kreston International financial groups. My position is as Project Manager for valuation of enterprises for the purposes of merger acquisitions and settlement of minority shareholders in the process squeeze out. The MBA study provides me valuable information for extension of my existing theoretical and practical experiences. An attractive form of joint discussions and brainstorming processes within each of the study groups motivates all the participants to participate actively in the solution of problems and immediately apply newly acquired theoretical knowledge into practice.

Mgr. Jiří Mauritz, MBA – MAUREA, s.r.o.

I graduated the International MBA program in 2014. I thank the school for the preparation of all modules with notable teachers as from the academic community as with the appropriate international practice. Personally i can say that the study was very helpful in the development of my personality and I got wide professional knowledge for my next carrier. In particular, my colleagues and I appreciated the opportunity to study at a foreign partner University in Switzerland.

Mgr. Jitka Basová, MBA – Director of Key Accounts & Partnership, Home Credit China

MBA program I finished in 2014 and all of you who are considering this type of study, I recommend it. One of the biggest advantages of this program is:

– high standard of teaching –theoretical and practical,

– deep and broad context of information submitted,

– interesting and interactive lectures both internal and external lecturers,

– possibility of open and often very intense discussion with a fellow students, which helped to find inventive solutions often for specific situations or problems.

Other graduates:

Mgr. BcA. Ivo Svejkovský, MBA – SABRE, s.r.o.

Ing. Michal Dolana, MBAD.D.M, s.r.o

Mgr. Olena Yakubovych, MBA – Y-SHIRTS, s.r.o.

Ing. Martin Kučera, MBA – ELTODO EG, s.r.o.

Mgr. Jiří Podhola, MBA – ČESKÝ DÛM v Moskvě

Ing. David Cubínek, MBA – TELEFONICA O2 Czech Republic, a.s.

Ing. Tomáš Šmerda, MBA – ELTODO EG, s.r.o.